the first company of Safe Deposit Boxes rental established in Greece.

The Company

SBOX, is the first private company in the field of safe deposit box leasing established in Greece. Its first store operates in Mykonos, giving you 24/7 access all year round.

The Company is licensed and supervised by the Bank of Greece and is fully compliant with the provisions of the current institutional framework (Governor's Act 2577/2006, Law 4557/2018 and so on).

Furthermore, since October 2020, it has a license to operate a private company providing security services from the Hellenic Police Headquarters, in accordance with the provisions of article 1 par. 1 of Law 2518/97 as amended and supplemented by Law 3707/2008.

Advanced security systems, specialized protection measures and experienced staff guarantee the protection of your Safe Deposit Box contents.

Access to the service

  1. Learn about the service and its features.
  2. Apply for a customer account and upload supporting documentation according to current legislation, for customer identification purposes.
  3. If you are cleared by our Compliance / AML department, you shall be granted a unique Customer Account Number
  4. The Customer Account Number is only issued once per customer and can be used without time limitations.
  5. The Customer Account Number can be retrieved by our front office with the use of your personal information should you need it
  6. Select a Safe Deposit Box size and rental period, thus completing your rental.
  7. Requests are satisfied in priority according to availability
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Safe Box



Enjoy a carefree stay in Mykonos whether for holiday or business, by having your personal belongings secured. You have unlimited access to them, regardless of the day or time.

SBOX is the only licensed company with 24/7 services.